Experts in Forestry Roading       Experts in Landfill Development       

Experts in General Earthworks

Forestry Work includes:

Ø New road construction (includes culverts/metalling/grading).
Ø Upgrade roading.
Ø New landing and hauler pad construction.
Ø Road and landing rehabilitation after logging.
Ø Slash raking and land development for planting.
Ø Tracking in all terrain.
Ø Deadmen installation.
Ø Fire dam construction.
Ø Metalling.
Ø Grading.

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Landfill Work includes:

Ø Silt pond and wetland construction.
Ø Bulk earthworks to design specifications.
Ø Clay liner construction and compaction.
Ø Installation of synthetic liners.
Ø Installation of drainage systems.
Ø HDPE pipe welding.
Ø Installation of headwalls, manholes, culverts, and other storm-water drainage systems.
Ø Installation of gas extraction wells.

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General Earthworks:

Ø All farm work, including tracking, dams, metal cartage and grading.
Ø Limestone rock supply and cartage.
Ø Blasting requirements.
Ø Excavation.
Ø Site levelling.
Ø Post-hole drilling.
Ø Railway-iron driving.
Ø Quarry management.

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Machinery List:

Ø Excavators: 12 – 30 tonne and rubber-tyred excavator
Ø Bulldozers: D3 – D7
Ø Front-end loaders
Ø Motor graders
Ø Compaction rollers
Ø Dump trucks 6×6
Ø Metal trucks
Ø Transporters
Ø HDPE pipe welder

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